• Learning Tools

    We present children with a variety of subjects and ways to learn, so their first experience with education is one that encourages them to become lifelong learners.
  • The Montessori Goal

    "Our aim is not only to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but to touch his imagination so as to enthuse him to his innermost core.” -Dr. Maria Montessori
  • An Early Advantage

    Your child’s development during the preschool years is crucial, and it’s important for your child to have a learning center where teachers know her and help her thrive.
  • How Are We Supported?

    As a not-for-profit, Kankakee Valley Montessori School depends on donations from parents and community members to continue providing our children with a bright future.
  • Why Montessori?

    Montessori schools offer a well-rounded education in all major subjects while allowing children to learn at their own pace and explore the world around them. Children have a positive experience and gain necessary social skills, while learning to be independent and problem-solving students.
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Happy Parents

  • I've never seen a teacher care so much about my son. I definitely made the right decision and can't wait to send my daughter!
  • Kankakee Valley Montessori has forever changed our lives as a family. Not only have my children grown and learned wonderful things, but so has the entire family. My daughters have gained independence, confidence, responsibility, respect, organizational skills, and most importantly, love learning. The hands-on learning experiences made learning fun and easy to understand. We as parents learned that if our children were capable, we should not complete a task for them. In doing that, we were able to watch blossom into wonderful young ladies. I am so grateful my girls attended KVMS. It has been a great foundation for their education.
    Brooks Family
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Get the Best Private Preschool Education and Daycare with Kankakee Valley Montessori School near Bourbonnais, Illinois

Girl-and-mapGive your child the best start by enrolling him or her in Kankakee Valley Montessori School near Bourbonnais, Illinois. Kankakee Valley Montessori School is a private school focused on the education of preschool through elementary school. If you are looking for an effective educational alternative to traditional daycares or elementary schools in Bourbonnais, Illinois, look no further than Kankakee Valley Montessori School near Bourbonnais, Illinois.

Enrolling your preschool-aged child in a private school couldn't be better for his or her development. Montessori schools have a distinct advantage over traditional preschools, daycares, and elementary schools due to their structure. At a private school like Kankakee Valley Montessori School, your child can get the best developmental education in the Bourbonnais, Illinois area.

Our private school is not-for-profit and serves children from preschool through elementary school from Bourbonnais, Illinois. Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace; to explore and to learn to love education. This allows your child to continue to mature and grow as they move from our private school into a different elementary school when they are old enough.

Traditional daycare only allows children to play with others their own age. At Kankakee Valley Montessori School, children in our daycare alternative private school can learn from and teach other children of other ages, giving them necessary social skills education should provide. These opportunities may not happen in a preschool daycare, elementary school, or even private school in Bourbonnais, IL, where children only interact with others their own age. Instead of putting your child in daycare, let him or her thrive in a Montessori private school. If you are looking for the best daycare in the Bourbonnais, Illinois area, consider Kankakee Valley Montessori School. This daycare alternative will help your child's development in noticeable ways.

At Kankakee Valley Montessori School near Bourbonnais, Illinois, preschool-age children develop strong fine motor skills, gain a stronger grasp of language, and are allowed to be both independent and interdependent. These social skills, instilled early in preschool-aged children, can help them become confident children and adults who also value teamwork. Kankakee Valley Montessori School teaches numbers and alphabet/language skills to preschoolers from Bourbonnais, Illinois.

Colored-PencilsAs children progress into elementary school ages, they are taught more math and language arts, as well as cultural activities. Elementary school children have a chance to develop their sense of responsibility and concentration. Instead of choosing a typical public elementary school in the Bourbonnais area where your child may feel stifled behind overwhelming rules, choose Kankakee Valley Montessori School, where your child can experience freedom within limits. This has many benefits for elementary school-aged children as they move into middle school and beyond.

If you are looking for an effective alternative to typical education where your child may not receive the attention and focus he or she needs, contact Kankakee Valley Montessori School. We accept children from preschool to elementary school ages, and our private school setting is a great alternative to daycare and public elementary school. To give your child the best start on his or her education, call us to set up an appointment. We have the best educational experience for preschool through elementary school children in the Bourbonnais, Illinois area, and we know we can give your child what he or she needs to succeed.

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